American Exceptionalism

Outer space aliens observing the U.S.A. portion of the Americas quickly learned the so called ‘American Exceptionalism’ is nothing but a sad hoax.    The rigged and pre-determined nature of the politics, the sadly dysfunctional nature of the national legislative bodies, the never ending war making and terror spewed by a country proclaiming peace and freedom at every opportunity with the rich getting richer and the poor gaining majority is an exceptional model no nation should be proud of nor maintain.

The greatest purveyor of violence in the world is the U.S.A


  • Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime. ~Ernest Hemingway


Hundreds of years before the founding of the republic the European seed was hell bent on eliminating the first Americans, those tribes and nations of people that inhabited North, South and Central America for eons prior to the arrival of those relative primitives from the East.

With the creation of the new nation the genocide continued and eventually the violence was exported to support the commercial interests.

The domestic U.S. violence continues so pervasive and the lies that justify the bombings and invasions so many that your school’s text books have routinely been propagandized to a extent that they are nothing but tools of indoctrination preparing the next generation of sheep to wave the flag and spout mindless jingoist pap thoughtless to the faults of thier national culture and their real image in the world.

As national strength grew and the military-industrial cabal became better defined and more deeply rooted the ‘ New and Improved ‘ versions of violence delivery were tested and honed around the world near continuously.

Examples abound, here is a couple.    There is lots of justification and demonstrated need to mount full-scale warfare in WW-II but no such justification can  reasonably support the massive fire-bomb campaigns served upon civilian population centers with specially designed incendiary devices designed not to cause already the already defeated nations to their knees but to cause as much misery, terror and death as could be delivered.    Such examples are easy to find but the star on top of the U.S. American tree could be that of selected cities in Japan were spared the firebombing and ‘carpet’ bombing to be later used relatively intact in the atomic experiments to measure the horror and differences between two newly developed devices; simply a science experiment on civilian populations.     There being overwhelming propaganda attempting to support the need to drop the two different bombs on the already defeated nation notwithstanding, it is factually unfounded and agenda woven propaganda only and  it takes little research and but a bit of thought to recognize this is terrorism on a nuclear scale and not in any way shape or form national defense.

The war industries have directed the politics and the shape and direction of the U.S.A. ever since while the home grown problems fester and the infrastructure crumbles while  national resources are squandered to support and grow the biggest expeditionary military in the world far exceeding the combined militaries of the next dozen largest militarized countries.   Yes, all the others combined still smaller than the U.S.A. military.

All should accept a robust modern defense as necessary but eleven aircraft battle groups is but one clue that the U.S.A. military is not for defense but quite the contrary.

No wonder then why the U.S.A., of all the developed countries, has such very poor rankings for health care but pay the most for the relatively poor care.    No wonder that you can travel the world far and wide and find fast clean reliable on-time rapid transportation that is near absent in the U.S.A.

Guns, guns and more guns, violence in the streets, elementary school children mowed down in class rooms,    civilian shoppers (with telephones and cameras in their pocket to be a better witness and call the police) now routinely shooting at shoplifters driving away from a store and angry people ‘stand their ground’ killing even more people as kids kill kids, your police morph into a occupation army and presidential candidates talk like nazis you sad goofy people . . . . . .

Military assault rifles the most popular of the current firearms craze, made for nothing other than delivering death, they are not a good choice for home defense and of absolutely no use for target shooting, sport or hunting.     Nothing but death,  yet thousands of assault type weapons are sold each weekend at unregulated gun shows nationwide without benefit of background checks or other sensible oversight.   You sad goofy people.

Today, as yesterday, and like tomorrow the U.S.A. will bomb/kill in 3, 4, or 5 different countries, none of which the U.S.A. is at war with as the drones strikes and aircraft deliver death and destruction around the world you pay for and support so many hundreds+ of U.S. military bases in every corner of the world while you wonder why people would hate or strike out at the U.S.A., Merry Christmas Goober.






mass shootings normal violence don’t worry be happy please PRAY

Let us pray for all the shooting victims and their families of all the individual victims of all the individual incidents that do not get attention beyond the neighborhood,

and of course,

let us pray for all the victims and families of all the ‘regular’ mass shootings that occur every day,

and let us pray for all the victims of all the shootings that qualify as ‘real’ mass shootings that have the requisite number of victims and media value that occur  so often each month and each year and indeed so many times just yesterday because as these events are now normal in this, the greatest country on earth, and,

because it is so easy in our busy daily life to forget to pray for the victims and families and if we don’t pray for the victims or families nothing will change, , , ,

and, oh yeah, make sure your congressman and all the other politicians pray with you as that is the only way you can be sure they are real patriotic true u.s.americans and really on your side.


change will soon be upon thee and thy country in this season of good will and peace


Just ask Alice

(Mooslim prayers don’t count)

U.S.A. exceptionalism.

You treat your president with great disrespect yet terrorist murderers are called ‘Mastermind’ you goofy sad people as you wonder why anyone might want to bomb your country. Wave your flag Goober, cheer and vote for Trump Carson Huckabee cruz or one of the other clowns screaming to deport all and everyone that doesn’t swear on the Nascar version of the NRA edition of the white christian bible, you sad goofy people……………………………………..

or put another way, and I will type real slow for you

Eleven aircraft carrier battle groups, 800 military bases in foreign countries, drones and more drones, world-wide strike capable bombers, spending more than next dozen other largest militaries all combined squandering the bulk of your national wealth on the military industries as you allow your media and politicians to terrorize you as you wave your flag and demonize the innocent.

U.S.A. exceptionalism.


Happy Thanksgiving



Previously I had the impression that as you aged you enjoyed ‘wisdom of the ages’ and better understood the world around you since you had seen so much in so many places.

Well, no.    Instead I am starting to realize that I understand less and less of what goes on in this more modern world…. Why so many people need to call a ‘hot-line’ to cook a turkey.      Why so many people claim some religious affiliation and spout ‘peace’ and ‘love’ and bless you all over the place while pushing always ever harder for war and destruction on so many ‘other’ people in so many ‘other’ places.      Why ‘realtors’ and ‘journalists’ find it so necessary to continue to repeat how honest and reliable and trustworthy they are and you don’t hear a loud collective snort and “whatyoutalkingabout ?!?!” from everyone within sight and sound.

Why more than 30,000 people will be killed by firearms in a country that thinks so highly of itself,  ,  ,

Why creatures like trump, carson, rubio, cruz and the other clowns could ever be seriously considered for any public payroll job much less president of the country that easily qualifies as the greatest purveyor of sustained terrorism in the past several hundred years.

Now I realize that the list is without end and without any rational explanation so I shall go and interact with the dogs, feed the birds, and go to the boathouse and craft some lures.

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful thanksgiving and your cell phone battery doesn’t die, you don’t get killed by a random drive-by shooting or assaulted by a cop and that you still have balance available on all your dozen or so credit cards so you can get that 97” TV tomorrow to watch the armored bots chase each other in a fight over dead pig parts……… yes, and then Mr. Sports Hero will kneel and pray to his imaginary friend after he scores a goal with thanks for loving him more than the guys on the other team.


Good Cop ? Bad Cop ¿


If you think you are a good Cop, why then are the bad cops tolerated? If there are so many good Cops, how can there be so many bad cops? Given just the past year of horrifying videos revealed, just imagine what goes unseen . . . . . . . . Why are the revelations from outside the ranks instead of from those that ‘serve and protect’ . . . . ?
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